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Welcome to VAX-D Canada

We are excited to introduce you to the only scientifically proven decompression equipment with verification that negative intradiscal pressures are created during treatment sessions. This allows doctors to transform the lives of patients and we provide the tools to become the “go to” expert in your community for disc related conditions thereby elevating your practice to new heights of success.

Vertebral Axial Decompression (VAX-D) is the original spinal decompression table invented by Dr. Alan Dyer. Its technology is patented and FDA approved with an impeccable safety record and impressive clinical results that are further supported by scientific evidence.

VAX-D is an advanced spinal decompression technology that offers non-invasive drug free relief for a range of spinal conditions. By utilizing a patented logarithmic treatment curve, it creates negative intradiscal pressures during treatment sessions addressing not only the symptoms but also the cause of the problem.

As a practitioner, you can have confidence that with VAX-D you will be able to provide real, long lasting results to patients who have no where else to turn or have tried everything else with little to no success.

Our Mission

At VAX-D Canada, our mission is to elevate the standard of chiropractic care by delivering excellence in training, equipment, and service. We recognize that exceptional community service demands not only the highest level of patient care but also superior training and equipment. We are committed to equipping chiropractic doctors with comprehensive training that empowers them with confidence and essential tools to immediately serve their communities upon the arrival of our tables. Our training program is strategically designed to transform practitioners into immediate experts on VAX-D and spinal decompression within their communities. By upholding this mission, we aim to enhance patient outcomes and well-being while fostering expertise and innovation in the field of chiropractic care.

What is VAX-D?

VAX-D was created by Dr. Alan Dyer in 1985 and has been at the cutting edge of technology as the first true decompression table and it continues to lead with the ground breaking advancements of the Genesis G2 System. In addition to the benefits of the Genesis table the G2 utilizes multi axis technology enabling it to simultaneously move in both the vertical and horizontal planes following the normal curve patterns of the spine. Furthermore, the biofeedback loop created by the electric load cell accurately tracks the horizontal and vertical movement and continuously adjusts position and tension at the same time. These advances significantly increase patient comfort and muscle relaxation.

The Science of VAX-D

For years traditional traction tables have been used in an attempt to relieve symptoms related to spinal discal issues however evidence demonstrates time and time again that traction does not create long lasting results and does notcorrect the disc. In order to create the long lasting results the true cause of the problem – the disc itself, would need to be repaired.

Traction tables are not able to access the disc due to muscle contraction and muscle guarding in response to the linear pull of the table. VAX-D is different because it’s based on the Weber – Feschner law and utilizes a logarithmic application of pressure to the spine which is designed to avoid trunk muscle contraction. Without that contraction, the disc can be affected and a negative intradiscal pressure created thereby allowing healing and rehydration of damaged discs. With the disc retracted and rehydrated normal spinal mechanics can be restored.

Why work with VAX-D Canada

We truly believe in the power of VAX-D technology and the results it provides to patients all around the world. However, the success formula is a specific protocol of care based on the original protocol of care designed by the creator of VAX-D, Dr. Alan Dyer. We have combined his protocol with the power of corrective chiropractic to create a formula that works not only to address the disc issues but also the cause in the structural alignment. To ensure that people can rely on the VAX-D name we only want to work with doctors who want to be successful in delivering the highest level of ethical care to people in their communities. We recognize that in order to achieve the highest level of service to the community the doctor must provide the highest level of care, but we also must provide the best and highest level of training and equipment:

We commit that we will provide you with training that will give you the confidence and tools to be ready to serve your community as soon as your table arrives. This training comes from certified VAX-D consultants and technicians with more than 15 years of field experience.

We provide you with genuine VAX-D tables which have been over engineered to be durable and reliable giving you the confidence to schedule your day knowing your equipment will work as hard as you do.

We provide you with training not only on how to operate the VAX-D table for patient care but also on how to integrate VAX-D into your office, new patient phone calls, patient consults and exams, diagnostic imaging, patient reports, plans of care and protocol, care expectations, and other topics required to make sure you become the expert in your area. We want to you to be successful right from the start.

We are here for you! We provide support whether it be on the technical aspects of the table or clinical aspects of patient care you can reach out to us and will help you with your concerns. Our goal is to prove you with a turn key experience.

Benefits of VAX-D to your clinic


Clinic Reputation

Adding VAX-D as a specialty to your practice allows you to stand out and have the reputation of being the “go–to” place for disc related conditions. Your reputation and visibility within your community is enhanced and you become a community leader not just in health care but around your town.



Health care offices can be very busy and expensive places with doctors often working long hours, and seeing 100 or more patients each day in order to make the finances of the operation beneficial. Adding VAX-D to the clinic allows doctors to see fewer patients in the same or fewer hours with an increased revenue. This frees time in your day to spend either growing your business, working on other business ventures or simply enhancing family time all while maintaining or building your financial stability.


Space Requirements

VAX-D does not require large amounts of office space and often can be added to an existing clinic simply by shifting around room allocation with no additional floor space needed meaning no additional overhead costs.

Increase Your Revenue:

Lots of companies show big financial projections that are impossible to achieve without major commitments or office makeovers. We do not want to be one of those companies. We want to show you real world projections and numbers that are easily attainable.

Real numbers. Real results.

Add 3 New Patients Per month*


per year

PLUS With a back end chiropractic
program at a value of $3200 add:


per year

ADD 4 New Patients Per month*


per year

PLUS With a back end chiropractic
program at a value of $3200 add:


per year

*(Financial Projections for 1 VAX-D table running 4-6 hours per day.)

All said, you can expect to add $385,200 - $513,600 + annually with one VAX-D table.

Meet the Founders

Dr. Brian Moore

Dr. Moore has been a practicing chiropractor since 1980 and founded the Canadian Disc Institute in 2006 after seeing the need for disc related care and the benefits of VAX-D therapy. He certified as a VAX-D consultant in both the lumbar and cervical equipment with Dr. Alan Dyer, Ontario’s former deputy Minister of Health, and has experience training other doctors on VAX-D care in all aspects.

Years of practice and specialty training in Thompson technique, advanced radiology, as well as CT and MRI interpretation has allowed Dr. Moore to become extremely adept in working with and treating the most complex and difficult spinal and neurological cases including disc herniation, disc bulge, stenosis, sciatica, spondylolysthesis, excessive lumbar lordosis, scoliosis, previous surgical intervention such as laminectomy and discectomy, and surgical fusion with or without plates and screws. These cases have all demonstrated significant improvement with VAX-D therapy and corrective adjustive care.

It is Dr. Moore’s belief that it is a privilege to be able to offer effective care to those that have seen minimal relief or assistance with traditional medical care such as medication, physiotherapy, standard chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, and injections. Some of the most interesting cases come from the post surgical patients where surgery has failed to reduce symptoms or returned shortly thereafter, but with VAX-D these patients achieve strong, lasting results.

Dr. Moore feels this type of care should be accessible to all who experience significant disc related challenges and that the next step in his professional journey is to share and teach the knowledge he has gained with others in the profession who share this desire.

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Chasen W. Dyer

Raised in the heart of Northern Ontario, Chasen Dyer bore witness to his grandfather's agonizing struggle with a herniated disc, igniting a passion to seek a solution. What started as an experiment with a boat winch handle and lead pipes blossomed into the VAAMOS, a revolutionary spinal decompression device. By 1995, the Dyer family embarked on a monumental journey, relocating 1500 miles to Tampa, Florida, where they harnessed abundant resources to further refine their game-changing technology. In 2002, Chasen formally joined the ranks of VAX-D Medical Technologies, spearheading the development of the Genesis—an engineering marvel that offered respite not only for lumbar pain but also for those grappling with cervical pain.

Over nearly two decades, Chasen continued to drive innovation, introducing the Genesis G2 and G3 models. Today, he stands at the forefront of VAX-D's mission, collaborating with Dr. Brian Moore from the Canadian Disc Institute, united in their quest to bring relief from pain and pioneer the future of pain management through cutting-edge technology and knowledge.

Interested in Getting Started?

We want you to have the opportunity to help your patients get the best and most advanced care possible while expanding your practice revenue on the same or fewer house so you can do more of what you love. Here’s how you get started:

Fill out the Getting Started Clinic survey - Once you have had a chance to review our website and learn more about VAX-D and our training program, the next step is to use our online booking link to schedule a free consultation. On this call we can discuss your current practice, answer any questions you have about the program, and have an in- depth discussion on how adding VAX-D services could benefit your practice and patients.

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